• Chloe Collins

Women should EMPOWER other women

Updated: Jun 9

The topics of feminism, women empowerment, and equality rotate subconsciously in people's mind. However, as women, we sometimes make premature judgments of other women too fast. Therefore, we act on this by treating them the way we have judged them. PSA: WOMEN, This is NOT what I believe to be a feminist.

There is so much positivity towards women rights and empowerment. We speak up, stand up, and demand our place, but we need to do that while empowering other women. I believe these are the types of conversations we should be having in our society. We all need to be on the same page and come in with open ears and a different perspective, so not only we can learn but make an impact.

As women, we know we have it tough. We're living in a world where women are still being assaulted, abused, discriminated, raped, murdered, and wholly mistreated. While simultaneously being told you're not pretty enough or smart enough, or simply just not good enough by WOMEN.

This needs to STOP.

Why are we making the path harder and giving women, yet another challenge to face. I mean c'mon, having to bleed once a month, pregnancy, crazy hormones we go through only to knock each other down.

Social media is, the key word being social, not a place to comment or bully another women's image or body. We shouldn't criticize each other to a point where we say nasty negative comments constantly.

"She's too fat."

"Ugh, she looks way better with makeup."

"Ew her hair is so gross."

"Omg, she's narcissistic and annoying."

There is way too much negativity and not enough positivity.

I don't sit here and write this as if I'm an angel who has never said anything I regret, but I have learned from my mistakes. I've learned that you can lift someone up through your words. It doesn't bring anyone joy being negative. It is normal to feel jealous to want things other women have, but instead of shaming her, lift her up and give her a compliment. Compliment her hair, her makeup, outfit, shoes, accessories, personality, etc.!

We can't grow into the woman we want to be if we're tearing each other down. We need to get rid of the gossiping and pettiness to create a positive path for all women. As women, we understand the struggle of other women. Therefore we need to remain on the same team and always lift *clap* each *clap* other *clap* up!

With the current events happening in the world I believe we need to have a foundation of women who will be there to help each other succeed. We stand united, leading by example, and encouraging one another to overcome any challenge we may face, together.

Remember, we are all women.

We're all unique in our own way. We have the power to change the world.